Manuel Bravo Project

Legal assistance for people seeking asylum


Clients can refer themselves or be referred via another asylum seeker support organisation. On receipt of a referral, their case is reviewed by an Immigration Specialist and depending on availability; allocated to one of our Caseworkers or pro bono Legal Teams.


Fresh Claims

We are unable to help with

If you are an asylum seeker requiring practical and/or emotional support, please visit our Useful Links page for more information on local organisations providing these services.

Our criteria for helping an asylum seeker

  1. They must have an Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal or a Fresh Claim case.
  2. They must have no current representative and be unable to obtain one; and
  3. They must be unable to pay for a representative – this usually means they will be destitute or receiving asylum support; and
  4. Their case must be an application for asylum or a claim based on article 3 of ECHR – i.e. they are at risk of inhuman or degrading treatment, or persecution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our office is for administrative use only and we will not be able to see clients there.

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