About us

The History Behind The Project Name
Manuel Bravo Project is named after an asylum seeker from Angola who fled, with his young son, to the UK after his pro-democracy activity led to attacks on his family, and the murder of his parents.
Manuel’s solicitor failed to attend his asylum hearing, forcing him to represent himself.
Manuel did not learn that his claim for asylum had been refused until he and his son were both detained and taken to a removal centre.
Fearing for his safety and that of his young son if they were forced to return to Angola, Manuel took his own life on 15th September 2005, hoping that his son would be allowed to remain safely in the UK.  

What We Do
We provide free legal assistance to asylum seekers with First Tier Tribunal appeals and fresh claims.
We also provide legal assistance with settlement protection applications for refugees.

We have a small number of paid, qualified Immigration Caseworkers who are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), however we also rely upon the valuable services given by our volunteers, including: Interpreters, Caseworkers, Communications Volunteers, Office Volunteers, Court Supports and Client Connections Volunteers as well as receiving pro-bono assistance from qualified non-immigration legal teams and representation at court from Barrister’s Chambers.
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Board Member

We do not always have the resources to represent clients in court, as we predominantly rely upon pro-bono assistance from Barrister’s Chambers. In the event we cannot provide legal representation at court we will try to provide a Court Support volunteer to accompany clients to provide emotional and moral support.