Board Member

Manuel Bravo Project is a registered charity. The Board is responsible for all areas of governance: ie the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall legality, direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of the organisation.
Board Members may be referred to as Directors or Trustees. Other Board Members may be co-opted onto the Board in an advisory capacity due to their specialism, without taking on the legal status and obligations of Trustees.


  • To attend quarterly Board meetings
  • To ensure the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit
  • To comply with the governing documents of the charity
  • To comply with the governing documents of the charity
  • To act in the charity’s best interests
  • To ensure the charity is accountable
  • To ensure the charity’s resources are managed responsibly
  • To act with reasonable care and skill
  • To declare any conflicts of interest
  • To engage, alongside staff, in the implementation and ongoing monitoring of the ‘Trusted Charity’ quality assurance measurement
  • To be involved between meetings as appropriate
  • To ensure compliance with the law in employment, finance and asylum and immigration advice
  • To maintain relevant knowledge and skills through training and development as appropriate
  • To provide support, as required, in the recruitment and retention of personnel.

Skills and Experience:

  • Commitment to the values and ethos of the Project
  • Understanding/experience of committee work
  • Willingness to engage with the ongoing work of the Board.

The Board is made up of 5-15 Trustees and should include:

  • A Chair person
  • A Vice Chair person
  • A Secretary
  • A Treasurer
  • Someone with professional understanding of the law and asylum issues
  • Someone with knowledge of employment practices and legislation
  • A faith group link
  • A refugee and asylum link
  • A volunteer link.

We are also looking for:

  • Knowledge and/or experience of Human Resources and staff management
  • Knowledge and/or experience of public relations
  • Knowledge and experience of different methods of income generation.

Additional responsibilities:

Chair Person:

  • Chair Meetings
  • Ensure line management of all staff is taking place
  • Authorise payments in accordance with financial policies
  • Take the lead on ensuring that trustees comply with their duties and the charity is well governed.


  • Ensure efficient administration of the charity
  • Ensure compliance with company and charity law
  • Ensure decisions of the Board are implemented.


  • Responsible for advising and reporting on all financial and performance matters and risk management
  • Oversee end of year accounts and liaise with auditing accountant
  • File annual accounts with Companies House and Charity Commission
  • Prepare annual financial report to be presented at AGM
  • Report to quarterly Board meetings on financial performance against budget
  • Work with Project Manager to produce and maintain financial policies
  • Work with finance officer and Manager on issues of funding, finance and issues of financial performance management
  • Act as co-signatory on all relevant proposals, funding bids and income generation where required
  • Authorisation of payments made from charity as required.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please visit our Jobs or Volunteer pages for current availability.