Support & Services

Manuel Bravo Project offers free legal advice to asylum seekers who wish to appeal against a negative first decision or submit a fresh claim for asylum and who cannot obtain Legal Aid. We do this by:

• Pursuing cases where there are grounds for first appeal or a fresh claim but where the Commission will not grant legal aid.

• Providing information that would increase the likelihood of the Legal Aid Agency judging the case eligible for legal aid.

Asylum Info

1. Every person fleeing persecution and violence has a right to lodge a claim of asylum.
2. According to 2015 Home Office statistics, 61% of initial asylum claims are refused.
3. According to 2015 Home Office statistics, about one third of asylum refusals that go to appeal are overturned.
4. Legal Aid is only granted for appeals judged to have a 50% chance of success and demand far exceeds capacity. We deal with those cases below that threshold.