Ask for legal representation

We provide free representation to asylum seekers who cannot get legal aid. To ask for legal representation fill out the form below. You can fill it out for yourself or someone else.

We can help with:

  • Representation at the Court/Tribunal for asylum appeals when someone is not able to get a legal aid representative;
  • Preparing fresh claims for asylum, if someone cannot get a legal aid representative;
  • Preparing applications to settle in the UK for refugees whose leave will soon expire.

For general immigration advice, or help with an immigration problem, fill out the ‘Ask for an immigration appointment’ form instead.

Tips for filling out this form

Use this form to ask for legal representation for yourself, or someone else.

If you’re helping someone fill out the form, fill it out as though you are that person.

Include as much information as you can. After you send the form, we’ll aim to contact you within 48 hours to get more details.

Other gender
Please note, we cannot provide interpreters for outreach or initial advice appointments.

What happens next

We will aim to contact you within 2 working days.

Please note, we can only accept new cases if we have capacity to take them on.

Filling out this form does not mean we will accept the case. First, we need to check we can take it on. To do this, we will ask to see these documents:

What we need from you

For asylum appeals we will need to see:

  • your most recent Home Office refusal letter
  • any letters from your previous lawyer explaining why they cannot help further
  • home Office interview records
  • if your appeal is already lodged – any letters or directions from the Tribunal.

For fresh claims we need:

  • your most recent Tribunal/Court appeal determination
  • copies of the new evidence you have to help with your claim

For settlement applications we need:

  • your biometric residence permit (BRP)
  • your travel document if you have one
  • the same documents for any dependents on your application

Have these documents ready for when we contact you. If you do not have them we may not be able to help you.

We’ll review all the information you provide and let you know if we can work on your case.